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Health and Safety

Company Commitment to Health and Safety

“The management of Base Contracting is committed to the provision of a safe and healthy work environment and the protection of our staff and others from accidental injury, illness or harm and our equipment and the environment from damage sustained during the course of carrying out our business” 

Safety and wellbeing of our staff is paramount to our business. We have clear policies and procedures that all the company follows to ensure the safety of all and the quality of the work being undertaken.

We have a dedicated health and safety supervisor who oversees the aspects of the business but we believe that health and safety is a collective responsibility. Health and Safety is at the forefront of any meeting, agenda and is discussed open and honestly throughout all layers of the business.

We believe no one comes to work to get hurt or injured and we strive for zero harm across all aspects of the workforce. 

We continue to assess our risks associated with the work we undertake ensuring appropriate control methods are used and understood by all involved. All staff participate in weekly office meetings and onsite health and safety meetings. We have a health and safety committee who meet quarterly and contribute issues arising from the workforce.

Health of all our staff is as important to us as the safety of staff. We encourage healthy lifestyle choices and promote different wellness topics throughout the year.  Health risks are assessed monitored and controlled throughout the workplace. 

Together we work collectively towards promoting and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for all.

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