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McMillan & McChesney Road Pavement Upgrade

Client:  The Roading Company (for Queenstown Lakes District Council) 

Job Number: Q1198 

Start DateFinish DateMain Contractoror Base as Subcontractor toEngineer to ContractContract Value
06/03/2013 24/04/2013 The Roading Company The Roading Company Mark Cruden $113,850

Contract Description

Arthurs Point is an area overlooking the Shotover River approximately 4km from Queenstown.  McMillan & McChesney are the two main access roads within Arthurs Point. They are pretty narrow and windy access roads.  The Roading Company subcontracted Base to undertake earthworks, drainage & finishing for sections of these roads being upgraded by Queenstown Lakes District Council.

  • Reshaping of pavement & resurfacing
  • Earthworks – cut 600m3, fill 300m3
  • Drainage – manholes, swales, retic – 100m 
    • subsoil 230m 
  • Topsoil & landscaping 645m2

Base staff running job involved

Zane Henderson, Gordy Gibb, Wiremu Bragger

Subcontractors used

  • Mico
  • Hynds

Suppliers used

  • Mico
  • Fulton Hogan Quarry
  • Stoney Creek

Health & Safety

No issues or concerns in projects

Further Notes 

Queenstown Lakes District Council engineer to contract Hadley Consultants – James Hadley